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Tim Menzies

Tim Menzies

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Miryung Kim

Miryung Kim

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Danny Dig

Danny Dig

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All Your App Links Are Belong to Us: Understanding the Threats of Instant Apps Based Attacks

Research Papers People: Yutian Tang, Yulei Sui, Haoyu Wang, Xiapu Luo, Hao Zhou, Zhou Xu

… …

Understanding Type Changes in Java

Research Papers People: Ameya Ketkar, Nikolaos Tsantalis, Danny Dig

… Developers frequently change the type of a program element and update all its references for performance, security, concurrency,library migration, or better maintainability. Despite type changes being a common program transformation …

ARDiff: Scaling Program Equivalence Checking via Iterative Abstraction and Refinement of Common Code

Research Papers People: Sahar Badihi, Faridah Akinotcho, Yi Li, Julia Rubin

… existing method-level equivalence checking techniques: it is able to solve 86% of all

Community Expectations for Research Artifacts and Evaluation Processes

Research Papers People: Ben Hermann, Stefan Winter, Janet Siegmund

… ._ We conducted a survey including all members of artifact evaluation committees …

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ESEC/FSE 2020 Submission Policies

… /publications/policies/simultaneous-submissions). All submissions are subject to the [ACM …-representations).

All submissions must be in English and in PDF format … The ACM styles have changed recently, and all authors should use the official “2017 …

Open Science Guidelines

… . The steering principle is that all research output should be accessible … actively support to adopt open data and open source principles and encourage all … on the willingness (and possibilities) of authors to disclose their data and that all

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Student Volunteers

… to any undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. student from all over the world … of the days of the pre- and/or post-conference program. Not all volunteers …

Research Papers

… on all topics related to software engineering. For a list of topics, please see …/simultaneous-submissions).

How to Submit

At the time of submission all … not exceed 10 pages for all text and figures plus 2 pages for references. All

Tool Demos

… .

Submission Guidelines

At the time of submission, all papers must conform … for all text, figures, and tables. An additional one page can be used for references …). * All accepted demonstration papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library …

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ESEC/FSE 2020 Homepage

… as well as their practical application in all areas of software engineering.