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Please note that this page is only relevant for presenters at the main ESEC/FSE conference. For workshops and PROMISE, check the corresponding web-pages for information.

Please read this entire page carefully. It has important information for presenters. This page will be updated with additional information in the future.

Sign-up for conversation (2020-10-12)

Each session will start with the 2-minute pre-recorded videos of papers, followed by a 15-20 minutes of group conversation on the topic of the session among authors and other panelists. We selected this format to increase discussions and interaction among attendees. (After the session ends, conversations will continue in topic-specific breakout rooms.) Your longer pre-recorded talks will be accessible to attendees on demand at any time.

To make this successful we need your participation. Please select your preferences for which conversations you want to be a panelist. Students are encouraged to serve as panelists.


You can lookup in which session your paper is featured in at:


Please submit your preferences by October 28.

We guarantee that at least one author of each paper can be a panelist in the session that the paper is featured. Additional panelists may be chosen to provide broader perspectives for the conversations. If you are not selected as panelists, please still come to the sessions and participate in the conversations, for example by asking questions.

Presentation format (2020-10-04)

This year we will be conducting the conference virtually. While this certainly brings challenges, it also brings opportunities, such as sharing our work with a wider audience. Some details are still being worked out, but we have decided about the talk durations. We realize preparing them is some effort, so we wanted to pass that along immediately.

IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind that these recorded videos are both the live (streamed) versions of the talks, and also the archived versions. There are no live talks and these videos are what the conference attendees will see.

Thus, to facilitate the dissemination of your work at this year’s ESEC/FSE we ask that you:

  1. Create a 2 minute summary video that is a brief explanation of your major findings. This will video be played back during the technical sessions of the conference, followed by interactive conversations.
  2. Create a full video of your work (no longer than 20 min) that is similar to a normal conference talk with additional information about your work. This will be available for all attendees to watch on demand.
  3. Create a Reddit post (see details below)

Both videos are due on October 31. Once you have created your videos, you will be required to submit them via the conference paper system (directions on upload in subsequent email).

Once you have finished your videos, please create a Reddit post to help promote your work:

  1. View the example reddit post, https://www.reddit.com/r/ESECFSE/comments/j2tvne/exemplary_post_the_title_of_your_paper/
  2. Create a reddit post for your paper in the same format
  3. Post your content on https://www.reddit.com/r/ESECFSE by October 31

Some guidelines from the SIGCHI community on preparing video presentations can be found here: https://medium.com/sigchi/a-remote-video-presentation-guide-93957c63aa7a

The SIGACCESS accessible presentation guidelines can be found here: http://www.sigaccess.org/welcome-to-sigaccess/resources/accessible-presentation-guide/

We look forward to great discussion at the virtual conferences.