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ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award

  • A Principled Approach to GraphQL Query Cost Analysis, by A. Cha, E. Wittern, G. Baudart, J. Davis, L. Mandel, J. Laredo
  • Boosting Fuzzer Efficiency: An Information Theoretic Perspective, by M. Böhme, V. Manès, S. Cha
  • Community Expectations for Research Artifacts and Evaluation Processes, by B. Hermann, S. Winter, J. Siegmund
  • Deep Learning Library Testing via Effective Model Generation, by Z. Wang, M. Yan, J. Chen, S. Liu, D. Zhang
  • Detecting Numerical Bugs in Neural Network Architectures, by Y. Zhang, L. Ren, L. Chen, Y. Xiong, S. Cheung, T. Xie
  • On Decomposing a Deep Neural Network into Modules, by R. Pan, H. Rajan
  • Testing Self-Adaptive Software with Probabilistic Guarantees on Performance Metrics, by C. Mandrioli, M. Maggio

ACM Student Research Competition

Graduate Category:

  • First place: Zamira Kholmatova, “Impact of Programming Languages on Energy Consumption for Mobile Devices”
  • Second place: Yuchi Tian, “Repairing Confusion and Bias Errors for DNN based Image Classifiers”

Undergraduate Category:

  • First place: Rozaliya Amirova, “Attention Tracking for Developers”
  • Second place: Joshua Gisi, “Synthesizing Correct Code for Machine Learning Programs”
  • Third place: Dragos Strugar, “Recommender systems: metric suggestion mechanisms applied to adaptable software dashboards”

Distinguished Reviewer Awards

  • Venera Arnaoudova
  • Denae Ford
  • Gordon Fraser
  • Joshua Garcia
  • Mark Harman
  • Daniel Mendez
  • Sasa Misailovic
  • Lori Pollock
  • Alexander Serebrenik
  • Shin Hwei Tan
  • Patanamon Thongtanunam
  • Yingfei Xiong

ESEC/FSE Test of Time Award

FUSION: a framework for engineering self-tuning self-adaptive software systems. Ahmed M. Elkhodary, Naeem Esfahani, Sam Malek.

Honorable Mention:
Scalable SMT-based Verification of GPU Kernel Functions. Guodong Li, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan

Reddit Awards

Best Presentation: Detecting Critical Bugs in SMT Solvers Using Blackbox Mutational Fuzzing. (Reddit post, Paper)

Best Commenter: Simon Heiden